Sphères De Lumière

Sphères des Lumière is a Virtual Reality experience, in which the spirit of the french Siècle des Lumières - the century of enlightenment - which ideas eventually led to the French Revolution, is reimagined and presented in a setting of a not too distant future. Utopic and dystopic sceneries, that relate to the painting style of old masters, are interpreted by artificial intelligence image generators to present an environment, in which the imagery of the end of the 18th century is combined with nowaday´s elements to indicate towards the supposedly neverending fight for freedom. Since it has become evident, that nowaday´s technological disruptive developments will overturn the concept of labour and furthermore increase the precariosity of the 3rd Estate, as the lower class was called at the time of the French Revolution, it is now time again to reconsider the role of the majority of society. The imagery is designed to display contemporary sceneries in which women and ethnical minorities are represented according to progressive standards, in an inclusive utopic society, in the near future. This additionally indicates, that the struggle to cope with the exponential overtake of automatization of tasks will be relevant for us as entirety and opens questions about how we will be able approach these developments.

It was exhibited on 14th of July 2023 in the French Embassy of Austria as part of the celebrations for the French National Day.

The VR experience was accompanied by Fine-Art prints on Hahnemühle Agave and also QR Codes to allow the visitors to explore the 360 degree sceneries on their smartphones.