Project realised together with Marta PCampos during a one-month residency in May 2016 @ Etopia Center for Art and Technology (Zaragoza, Spain) in the frame of the Reverberadas Art & Science Exhibition.

Symmetry stands for balance, perfection and beauty. Symmetric shapes and objects attract each
other reestablishing the ideal equilibrium. The ideal of symmetry is also consistently followed and
investigated in physics. This led to the concept of antimatter, which has been discovered and
proved in the early 20th century.
Nowadays research on antimatter takes place at the particle accelerator in CERN, where massive
amounts of energy and huge machines generating the strongest magnetic fields are used. The
aesthetics of these machines are consequently followed by the installation’s setup. An
electromagnetic field keeps the object levitating and attracted to the upper part of the device. This
levitation is correlated to the fact that antimatter vanishes in a big burst of energy, when coming into
contact with matter.
One of the main questions presented by this artifact is: ‘How would gravity affect antimatter?
Would it fall upwards?’ Since its discovery, scientists wondered about the behaviour between
antimatter and gravity, without any conclusive result yet. ‘metrySym’ theorizes about the idea, that
antimatter would react to gravity differently than visible matter. Until now, this question has not
been answered, due to the decay of real antimatter within seconds in current experiments.
By moving the hand in the lower part, the audience can control the displacement of the apple in the
XY axis and interact with it remotely.


  • vvvv
  • Leap Motion
  • Arduino